Micromobility: challenges & innovative solutions in 2023
Jan 26, 18:30, 20:00

Micromobility: challenges & innovative solutions in 2023

Bridgio talk on “Micromobility: challenges & innovative solutions in 2023”.

More than 1000 organizations throughout the globe today are developing urban micromobility ecosystems. Solutions become diversified: they cover sharing services, food delivery, and consumer needs. It seems we have everything we need, like numerous versions of bikes, scooters, boards, buggies…However, we need to redefine existing solutions in modern cities.

Among crisis factors are:

  • government and municipalities regulation
  • high competition
  • business model sustainability
  • safety for both riders and pedestrians
  • supply chain disruptions
  • energy crisis
  • lack of charging infrastructure
  • profitability

To deepen the agenda, we invited for the bridgiotalk representatives of two market sides:

  1. Corporate: Karolis Mirinavicius – Senior Innovation Expert at Ignitis Group;
  2. Startups: Alex Kostyria, Founder and CEO at RAIDO (Raido is a battery-swapping infrastructure for micromobility fleets ); Alex Nord – Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at THOR AVAS (Thor Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System purpose is to bring road safety to the next level by helping to alert all road users of the electric vehicle’s movement)

Ignitis Group will present unique micromobility market data, current infrastructure challenges, and open market niches, while startups will present solutions to existing problems.

Date and time: 26th of January (Thu), 18:30 UTC+2.

Online translation: here