Mentoring on Business Development in the Emerging Markets
Oct 20, 10:00, 15:00

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Growth is tough. Power up your business strategy with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the EBRD) experts! If you are a FinTech or innovation-driven startup and want to know about emerging and capital markets, take this opportunity to apply for mentoring sessions now and deep dive into the most actual topics for you during 1-1 meetings! Mentoring sessions will be focused on business development, emerging markets, its regulations, capital markets investment and sustainable finances.
You will have 30-minute personal discussion with one of our mentors:
🔸 JACEK KUBAS, Associate Director at EBRD, London
🔸 BRITTA BOCHERT, Associate Director at EBRD, London
The EBRD has been supporting the development of innovative new banking approaches in its regions for many years. The EBRD acts as an investor and works with governments and authorities to create a supportive regulatory framework, assisting governments in building regulatory sandboxes and designing roadmaps for the creation of a FinTech ecosystem in the countries where it operates.
ROCKIT is happy to partner with the EBRD through its TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund to provide superior mentoring and support for Lithuanian FinTech and startup ecosystems.
If you want to participate at the mentoring session please fill this form until 14th of October here:
We will contact selected participants until 16th of October.

🔸 JACEK KUBAS, Associate Director at EBRD, London
Jacek Kubas is an Associate Director at the London Headquarters of the EBRD, working in the EBRD’s Local Currency and Capital Markets Development Team. Jacek specialises in debt capital markets (big focus on covered bonds); derivatives and sustainable finance – including legal and regulatory. The new venture and passion is Innovation and Financial Technology.. Jacek worked on covered bonds reforms in Estonia, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic that resulted in a billion EUR investment in covered bonds and is currently leading covered bonds reforms in Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. Jacek works on FinTech and Innovation, including in the Baltics, Greece and Poland; and Sustainable Finance in Hungary and Poland. During his time at the EBRD, Jacek has also worked as an Adviser to the President of the EBRD with a strong focus on strategy and business development and in the Office of the General Counsel.
Areas of expertise: Financial Institutions, Emerging Markets, Capital Market Investments, Sustainability, Regulations, International Relations, Networking and Business Development, Project Management.

🔸 BRITTA BOCHERT, Associate Director at EBRD, London
Britta Bochert is an investment professional specialised in sustainable finance in emerging markets with 8+ years experience in multilateral development banking. Britta Bochert joined the EBRD in 2012 and is currently Associate Director in the Financial Institutions team. Britta is a Business Leader with diversified coverage of products and industries across the EBRD region including coverage of non-bank financial institutions (FinTech, insurance, asset managers, fixed income funds) and overseeing and leading the origination, structuring and execution of investments across the debt capital market product spectrum for banks and non-bank financial institutions (senior secured, subordinated, ABS, covered bonds, guarantees). Ensuring alignment of all investments with the EBRD transition mandate with particular focus on sustainability & SDGs, financial inclusion, private sector and capital markets development and financial innovation.
Areas of expertise: Financial Institutions, Emerging Markets, Capital Market Investments, Networking and Business Development, Project Management
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