Lithuanian Economy Conference
Mar 20, 08:00 - Mar 21, 18:00

Did you know that according to the data of a representative society survey 2018, the Lithuanian Economic Conference is the most solid conference dedicated to Lithuanian business leaders?

We hope that this year the conference will become not only the most solid but also the biggest because conferences will attend more than 90 speakers and over 1100 participants.

So, on March 20, we invite you to participate in the Lithuanian Economic Conference Leadership Forum in which we will discuss the influence of technology on the economy. In addition to raising the awareness of the technological evolution, it also aims to have the general public focus on and support technological progress lest the society slides into the arms of populism.

And on March 21, we are waiting for you in Lithuanian Economic Conference. During the event we review the key global trends and discuss the solutions that will affect the future of Lithuania, Europe, and the world in general, just as we attempt to reach an agreement among political and business leaders over solutions that could guarantee the strengthening of democratic states and the growth of the wellbeing of their residents.

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