How to Adapt to Sell in the USA Market
Apr 04

The USA is a huge market – the biggest in the world – and selling is different from anywhere else. You need to adapt to be successful in this hyper-competitive market. However, with such an enormous market, how do you know what needs adapting?

This workshop will introduce you to a method to systematically evaluate your US opportunities and to draw conclusions how to adapt:

  • What do American customers expect? What is the same and where are the differences?
  • Which product features need to change?

You will learn to ask the right questions and to systematically gather feedback to decide how to adapt for the US. You will also receive a tool to check the readiness of your company to expand to the USA and how you compare with other companies.

Date and time: April 4 | 7am PST – 4pm CET (VILNIUS)
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