Hackathon “Hack4Vilnius”
Oct 16, 18:00 - Oct 18, 20:00

“Hack4Vilnius” hackathon is dedicated to promoting innovations for the city of Vilnius. Hakaton’s goal is to find ideas and solutions on how to make Vilnius a healthier, cleaner, smarter, and more mobile city.

IT specialists, designers, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and everyone who has ideas on how to improve the capital are invited to participate!

The prizes:
– 1500 Eur. The prize is established by “Cognizant” (
– Tickets to the “Build Stuff” conference. The prize is established by “Build Stuff” (
– 3-month prototype making membership at VGTU “LinkMenų” fabrikas. The prize is established by VGTU “LinkMenų” fabrikas (
– 1000 Eur scholarship for “CodeAcademy” courses. The prize is established by “CodeAcademy” (

More information:
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The patron of “Hack4Vilnius” – Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius
Organizers of “Hack4Vilnius”:
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (
Vilnius University (
Cognizant (
Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park (