Oct 21 - Oct 22

Fintech Inn 2021 welcomes organizations and companies to use a fantastic opportunity to meet potential business partners, introduce products, services, and trends or simply exchange information. Fintech Inn Lithuania Virtual Expo Zone  – a place where digital tools are employed to multiply the achievement of set goals. An interactive 3D expo hall, brought to us by Onvent, accommodates 30+ fintech industry brands in the virtual exhibition and provides direct communication channels via video & voice calls and chats.

The conference gathers companies, start-ups, investors, associations, policymakers, and technology leaders from all over the globe to exchange knowledge and discuss the most challenging industry topics today: digital banking, payments and remittance, lending, insurtech, compliance, digital identity, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital assets, and more. For more information about the event click here

When will it happen?

  • On the 21st and 22nd of OCTOBER!
  • The deadline for the application: 30th of September. Application requirements click here.
  • Registration: