EdTech Hackathon Education inside Metaverse
Nov 25, 17:00 - Nov 27, 17:00

EdTech Hackathon Education inside Metaverse + Conference
The Edtech virtual Hackathon Education inside Metaverse unites all #Edtech and #Metaverse enthusiasts, communities, educators, teachers, and startup-ers to build the future solutions of education!

What’s in it for you?

  • 6000 Eur Cash prizes
  • New connections
  • Strong international mentors
  • Edtech and Metaverse community building

Who can join?

  • Solo participant
  • Partly formed team
  • Fully formed team

Challenges / Ideas

  • participants can register their ideas/challenges
  • participants can join other ideas/challenges

Event is organized by Vilnius University Business School and powered by Western Union Lithuania and the National Education Agency!

Registration: here
Date and time: 17:00 EET on 25th November 2022
Pinal Pitch Livestream 14:00 EET on 27 November 2022