Digital Breakfast vol.2. Befriend ChatGPT: Introducing Expert Personas
Nov 23, 10:00, 12:00

The second “Digital Breakfast” is dedicated to one of the most trendy topics nowadays – AI. Let’s demystify it and get some valuable hands-on tips, how to befriend one of the AI tools – ChatGPT and start using it in a smart way.

Special guest of the second “Digital Breakfast” event is Dov Zavadskis. He is a former Talent Sourcer and Career Coach who has turned into a ChatGPT trainer. Dov is the founder of “Befriend AI” now. He uses his background to help both individuals and companies better understand and leverage AI technologies. His workshops and training aim to demystify AI and offer practical solutions for career development and business improvement.

In a world increasingly shaped by AI, the “Befriend ChatGPT” talk is designed to empower professionals with the mindset and practical skills needed to maximize the utility of ChatGPT’s ‘Expert Personas’ feature. Focused on the tech founder’s space, Dov will brainstorm and provide key insights into making your life more efficient by conducting in-depth AI-driven strategy sessions, and aiding founders in improving their techniques, making AI a true ally. This session will not only provide valuable insights into the world of AI but also spark innovative ideas for its application in various tech domains.


  • Introduction & Presentation (30 minutes): Dov will provide an overview of ChatGPT, its capabilities, and the significance of AI in the modern tech landscape.
  • Interactive Group Activity (20 minutes): Attendees will work in groups to brainstorm and create potential applications or scenarios with ChatGPT, fostering a hands-on understanding of the tool.
  • Q&A Session (10 minutes): An open forum for attendees to ask questions, share insights, and discuss potential applications of ChatGPT in their respective startups.
  • Coffee & Networking

During the event services for digitalisation of EDIH Vilnius will be presented.

Date and time: 23thNovember; 10 AM
Location: Saulėtekio al. 15, Vilnius, Lithuania
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