Delta Navy Hackathon
Oct 25, 15:00 - Oct 27, 18:00

“Delta Navy Hackathon” is the first hackathon in Lithuania organized by Lithuanian Naval Force, the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania, and Startup Lithuania. It is aimed at encouraging the teams which are interested in the latest technologies to get together for the purpose of developing advanced products that meet the highest requirements for strengthening the Naval Force.

The hackathon will take place on the 25th through 27th of October 2019 at the Naval Flotilla (Žūklės str. 24, Klaipėda), in the headquarters and supply ship LNS Jotvingis (N42).

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“Delta Navy Hackathon” will invite scientists from different fields, technical and software specialists to address three major issues raised by the Naval Force:

#1 Personnel and its resource management on-board system the purpose of which is to protect crew members from dangers at sea (for example, fire, falling overboard, etc.), and, in critical situations, to manage personnel effectively and quickly.

#2 System of laser communication between ships at sea to be used in conditions of radio silence (any electromagnetic radiation is prohibited) or in the environment of radio wave disturbance for maintaining coded laser communication between ships (for example, with help of luminous flux Morse code).

#3 Marine, launched from the board, flying search and environment analysis drone to be used for effective and timely reconnaissance of maritime area in performing a search and rescue task, for sending signals to the ship with the position of the object found, and which would come back to the ship after the task is completed (or when the energy source becomes low).

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