Call for CEE startups: acceleration program in the US by WEVE & Unfold.VC
Aug 01 - Sep 23

WEVE Acceleration and Unfold.VC have announced a call for applications for the upcoming fall 2023 cohort of WEVE’s soft landing acceleration program. The initiative will help startups expand and grow their businesses in the US. This program is designed to provide startups with sales, product development, marketing, fundraising, operations, and management support, as well as networking opportunities with technology experts, experienced entrepreneurs, and funders.

The call for applications is open to Central & Eastern European (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary) startups from various sectors, with a preference for B2B SaaS Enterprise Software solutions. Selected participants (up to two) may receive an investment check from of up to $220,000, which can cover market expansion costs and resources. WEVE Acceleration and offer relevant resources and training to each selected participant to successfully expand globally, with a focus on the US market.

The program will kick off on October 10, 2023, following a three-round selection process to evaluate each company’s readiness to tackle the US market. WEVE’s team and will work closely with each company to prepare them for the program, which includes eight weeks of virtual programming and two weeks in person in New York City. The program culminates in a significant demo day event where startups showcase their capabilities to a network of US investors and potential customers.

The call for applications will be open to September 23rd, 2023. This is an exciting opportunity for Central European startups to expand their business and reach new heights. Interested parties should apply and take advantage of the resources and training offered by WEVE Acceleration and

Frances Simowitz, CEO of WEVE Acceleration said: International startups have big advantages in the US market, we see incredible solutions that are able to then move and scale faster here, with the right help, than their purely European focused counterparts.
Rafał Sobczak, managing partner at said: The US market has long been, and we believe it will continue to be, a prime destination for European businesses looking to expand their reach. We are confident that a deeper understanding and an on-the-ground presence there can greatly simplify this growth journey. In partnership with WEVE, we are eager to make this ambition come to lif.

Why the US?
The US presents a compelling opportunity for startups around the world due to the enormous size and economic potential. The sheer size and diversity of the US market make it an attractive destination for international businesses. The United States boasts a population of over 331 million people, representing a vast consumer base hungry for innovative products and services. Additionally, the US GDP was approximately $22 trillion, making it the world’s largest economy, offering unparalleled revenue potential for ambitious startups. Beyond its size, the US market’s sophistication and tech-savvy nature provide an ideal environment for emerging businesses to thrive. Establishing a presence in the US not only grants access to a wide customer base but also fosters opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and investment, thus accelerating the growth trajectory of the European startup. Moreover, the US’s robust ecosystem for venture capital and private equity investment provides avenues for securing much-needed funding to scale operations rapidly. Embracing the challenges and seizing the economic opportunity in the US market can lead to substantial market share gains and financial success for forward-thinking European startups.

WEVE Acceleration’s team is equipped with the experience, care, network, and knowledge to support companies in navigating this opportunistic and complex market.

About WEVE
WEVE is the US soft-landing partner for international startups. Its goal is to assist innovators in exploring new markets and achieving business growth by providing exceptional knowledge, connections, and resources. WEVE collaborates with a network of public and private partners to deliver customized programs for startups across the globe.

About WEVE’s Flagship Program
WEVE’s 10-week US Soft Landing Acceleration Program equips international startups with a targeted US expansion curriculum based on each company’s roadmap, 1:1 mentorship, and warm introductions to NYC’s top investors, corporates, service providers and entrepreneurs.

About is a Wrocław-based venture capital fund listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, focused on financial support for technological projects with high growth potential. invests without a specific time horizon and at various stages of development: pre-seed and seed, and at a later stage, buying shares or stocks. The fund’s portfolio includes projects from the medtech, biotech, martech, foodtech and gaming sectors. supports, among others: Brand24, Infermedica, Intelliseq, PixelRace, Exit Plan Games, Giblib, Neurocare group or Wally Health.

About WEVE & Partnership
Weve and have joined forces to offer an acceleration program for early-stage startups in Central & Eastern Europe. This program helps startups expand and grow their businesses by providing them with an investment check from and a 10-week acceleration program with WEVE. The program includes a targeted curriculum for expanding into the US market, 1:1 mentorship, and introductions to top investors, corporates, service providers, and entrepreneurs in NYC.