Building Your Sales Processes For Long-Term Success
Jul 26, 11:00, 12:00

63% of IT startups fail.
Sales chaos is often the one to blame.
Landing that first client may be daunting, but the real challenge begins when times come to scale. To achieve consistency in winning deals regardless of your sales team’s size, you need a structured, disciplined, and repeatable approach to engaging leads.

You will develop the basics of this during this Webinar!

What we will cover?
-Why getting a pipeline is essential for startups (one hint: investors like structured data).
-What to consider when building a pipeline.
-Why do you need CRM.

Hubspot and 6Minded Are delighted to partner with Vestbee, LT Capital, Innovation Nest, and Movens Venture Capital to bring you this workshop.

Date ant time: July 26, 11 am

Registration: here