Innovation Hack. The Future Starts Now
Sep 23, 16:00 - Sep 25, 16:00

We invite you to participate in the hackathon “INNOVATION HACK. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW” which will take place on 23rd through 25th of September 2022 at VU Tech Hub.
The aim of this 3-day long hackathon is to look for innovative solutions related to education and urbanization.

Do you have an idea that you would like to implement? For this hackathon we also invite you to put your own ideas forward and it may be chosen to become the final challenge of the “INNOVATION HACK. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW” hackathon.

Each team in this hackathon should have no less than 4 but not more than 6 members. Each team member should fill out a separate registration form stating the name of the team in the designated place.
Hackathon “INNOVATION HACK. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW” will invite you to develop devices, applications and systems for these challenges:

1. Having in mind expansion and densification of the cities, town residents and visitors are coming across issues related to parking in various parts of those cities (due to lack of available parking spaces, up to date information about available parking spaces not being accessible, etc.). Not being able to park without major inconveniences is not only causing major irritation among these people, but also adds to the air pollution as these prolonged journeys cause additional and unnecessary amounts of carbon monoxide to be released into the air.

Solution needed: Smart solutions that improve parking experience in big cities and address insufficient parking location problems in new and updated districts.

2. In response to the ever-changing global situation due to epidemiological, social, political, ecological and other factors that highly influence the normal work in the education sector, and in order to achieve productive and positively evaluated adaption of this sector to the changing needs of society, innovative solutions are sought. These solutions should allow to carry out full-fledged educational activities using a digital platform.

Solutions needed: A smart platform that is fully customized to carry out pupils’ education online in a digital space. The main task of this platform is to provide its users with a full experience of a real school (interactions with classmates, interactive tasking, class atmosphere, etc.).

3. The dropping number of medical professionals and long queues to get to them forces to look for solutions that would speed up the patient service without loosing the quality of services. AI is not yet fully implemented into the medical field but would potentially be highly useful to help solve the issue in question.

Solution needed: AI integration into the medical diagnostics and the field of primary patient care services so that the workload of medical staff would become more manageable.

4. Nowadays children are hardly separated from smart technologies. In order to make the most of the time spent by children in front of phones and/or computer screens, the aim is to create an application that will help children learn the necessary academic subjects through games. Such a way of learning could facilitate the continuous education of children and provide an opportunity to absorb information more easily when it is presented everyday situations and in a format that evokes positive emotions.

Solution needed: Application or a game made for preschool and elementary school age children that is intended to improve their academic knowledge in age-appropriate subjects (math, spelling, nature sciences, etc.).

5. At a young age, just when children start gaining academic knowledge, it is important to also teach and prepare them to react to certain dangerous situations (fire, vehicle accidents, braking on the ice and others). This type of education would potentially help these children to be safer and in some cases even assist others.

Solution needed: Educative game that would realistically teach children how to behave correctly in dangerous and critical situations (fire, vehicle accidents, etc.).

6. Open challenge.