SEB Innovation Centre
Apr 23

SEB Innovation Centre is an environment for entrepreneurial minded people to share ideas and make them useful. We are seeking to encourage faster Lithuanian economy growth:
– By sharing knowledge on how enterprises can successfully grow their business and strengthen their competitive edge within a short period of time
– By creating innovative ideas and services
– By promoting the development of start-ups and young businesses in Lithuania

SEB Innovation Centre has spaces for up to 40 start-uppers to operate. We believe that a smart workplace with high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas and a possibility to take part in content driven events is highly important for innovative technology start-ups.

We offer a cooperation model with a possibility to create solutions using SEB Bank’s open banking platform. Start-ups sharing the same space can find business partners at hand, gain experience and implement joint projects. The idea to create unique added value, a possibility to meet specialists from a wide variety of professional areas with highly diverse competences and skills is a proven success in cooperation centres in other countries.

Start-ups at the Innovation Centre are offered:

A possibility to create innovative products or services based on SEB Bank’s open banking platform
SEB Bank expert advice
Cooperation opportunities with SEB Bank

Start-ups may also opt for mentorship from Nextury Ventures investment fund. The fund was set up in 2014 by experienced businessmen and investors Ilja Laurs and Mindaugas Glodas. So far, the fund has invested in more than 20 start-ups, and its founders’ advice and guidance have encouraged the creation or expansion of a series of innovative businesses.