Feb 01

Dual-Use Tech VC Fund & Accelerator with one of a kind in the region dual use pre-accelerator and accelerator programs. The programs identify technologies aligned with NATO emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs) and provide pathways toward strategic partnerships, technology development, and funding opportunities, with access to both markets and networks in Europe and the United States.

We concentrate on supporting pre-seed and seed-stage dual-use startups led by pioneering individuals and teams. Our primary interest lies in backing those committed to research and development, aiming to tackle intricate technical issues that have substantial prospects for commercial deployment in the defense and security sectors. These startups are characterized by their ambitious drive for rapid growth and their dedication to resolving critical challenges in these crucial areas.

Waiting for Startups with: Various stages
Fields of interest: Dual Use
Benefits for Startups: Investment, one of a kind in the region dual use incubation and acceleration programs with partners from US, NATO and EU, mentorship, community, networking
Fund range per team: 50K – 1M Eur
Investment conditions: Equity
Market focus: Lithuania and other NATO countries