Level2 Ventures
Jul 29

We are a venture capital fund operating in the CEE since 2021 and investing at the pre-Seed, Seed, and Round A.  At Level2 Ventures, we’re on the lookout for innovative and interesting ideas, led by Founders full of passion and commitment, who believe that their solutions will change the world for the better.

Waiting for Startups with: Idea, Team, Prototype, First Incomes, Growth
Fields of interest: B2B SaaS and Marketplace, AI-based solutions, WEB 3.0 & Blockchain, Industry 4.0, Sustainability, and Pet Tech 
Benefits for Startups:  Investment, support in strategy, management, operations, marketing, HR, and IT within the Development4Startups Program.
Fund range per team: Ticket sizes range from €250k to €1.5m
Investment conditions: Equity
Market focus: CEE region