Nov 26

Promotion of new ideas and attention to the community of local startup businesses is one of the priorities of Kaunas city. “Kaunas Startups” team, first of all, focuses on gathering information relevant to startups – all initiatives, events and training programs in Kaunas. Also, any news related to financing and growth opportunities in Lithuania and abroad. All this is easily accessible on this website and Facebook account. Therefore, the biggest startup program in Kaunas region was created and now is known as Kaunas Startups.

KaunasIn is a unique program which aims to raise the level of entrepreneurship, provide necessary skills to launch and operate one’s business, consolidate different parts of the startup ecosystem, and prepare startups for funding rounds. The program consists of two parts: various networking events like hakathon, lectures, experience sharing sessions, etc., and pre-accelerator. Together, these two parts of the program allow innovative ideas of all sorts to grow and make this a perfect place to start a career in your startup.


Waiting for startups with: team, idea.

Benefits for startups: community, networking.