Joyance Partners
Apr 08

By investing in the emerging science of happiness, Joyance Partners is the first venture fund focused on individual health experience, not process.

Delightful Moments such as these are part of all human experience: the small, but powerful, separations from the daily humdrum when we feel stronger, calmer, more joyful, more in control, more distant from pain and anxiety. Now, emerging science and technology have the potential to deliver these experiences. Science can help individuals be a bit happier, which can lead to greater health. Or a little healthier, which can lead to greater potential for happiness. It is a new, transformative cycle of human experience. This new science of health and happiness ranges from transforming the human organism (genetics, bioscience), to creating new forms of human chemistry (the microbiome), to reading, understanding or altering our minds (neuroscience), to expanding human experience (virtual and augmented reality), and even to alter what we eat and drink (next-generation food) and how we interact with one another (emergent community).

Fields of interest: marketing, health, education, energy, food, travel, gaming, iot internet of things, sports, music, kids, robotics, hardware

Waiting for startups with: Team, Prototype

Benefits for startups:  Mentoring, Investment, Community, Networking

Fund range per team: 100 000 – 400 000 Eur (Equity based funding)

Size of the total fund: 25+ in Europe 2020    

Market focus: US, ASIA, Europe