Go Vilnius
Nov 05

Supporting programs which helps for foreign startups to relocate talents in Vilnius.

Go Vilnius Workshop and Relocation Guide programs are created by Go Vilnius which is the official development agency of the City of Vilnius – provides visitors, investors, relocating talent, entrepreneurs and businesses with everything they need to know about the city. Go Vilnius Workshop covers an array of themes, from the most important legal issues to integrating smoothly into the local community. Relocation Guide was created in order to make relocation an easy task.  And Relocation Guide is based on the experiences of people who have already made the move to Vilnius.  It contains essential information on the steps you need to take to settle in, as well as helpful advice you may not have thought you needed just yet. 

Waiting for startups with: team, idea. 

Benefits for startups: community, networking, support.