Contrarian Ventures
Apr 11

Invest in early-stage tech companies which focuses on energy, transportation, IoT (internet of things). 

Contrarian Ventures typically work with companies with a focus on smart grid, energy efficiency, big data and analytics, energy storage solutions, e-car infrastructure, smart homes, e-services for customer support, distributed generation, renewable energy solutions and virtual power plants. Contrarian Ventures not only invest but also work side-by-side with the business they invested in – from the first pilot to scale, from local to global presence. 

Fields of interest: energy, transportation, IoT. 

Waiting for startups with: team, MVP, first income. 

Benefits for startups: mentoring, investment, community, networking. 

Fund range per team: from 50 000 to 500 000 Eur. 

Investment conditions: equity based investment.