Apr 10

Blockchain partnership programme for helping blockchain/ DLT startups & SMEs to introduce their solutions to market, bringing impact at scale.

Connecting top DLT/ blockchain startups and SMEs with great and challenging real case scenarios is our priority and focus. You’ll meet some of the most thoughtful investors, corporates and likeminded entrepreneurs and gain valuable exposure. Selected companies receive funding (no equity) of up to €20 000 and are offered business coaching/ mentoring to scale up their solutions.

Fields of interest: Fintech, Enterprise software, Transportation, FoodTech, Security, Telecom, Semiconductors, IoT, Hosting.

Waiting for Startups with: Idea, team, prototype, first incomes, growth.

Benefits for Startups: Mentoring, investment, community, networking.

Fund range per team: €4 500 – €20 000

Investment conditions: Grant

Size of total funds: €795k; 75 startups/SMEs

Market focus: EU