Blockchain Centre Vilnius

A global hub for blockchain-related services with an additional focus on community building and education.
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SEB Innovation Centre

SEB Innovation Centre is an environment for entrepreneurial minded people to share ideas and make…
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ISM Innobase

ISM Innobase is a platform of activities, people and resources fostering personal and corporate Entrepreneurship,…
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VGTU LinkMenu fabrikas

“LinkMenų Fabrikas“ is a collaborative makerspace with modern tools for learning, making, and sharing. It's…
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Code4Vilnius“ (nekomercinis projektas) – savanorių iniciatyva, kurios metu susiburia įdomių idėjų autoriai, programuotojai, analitikai, dizaineriai,…
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Kaunas Science and Technology Park

Today Kaunas Science and Technology Park is the largest partner of science and business cooperation…
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KTU Startup Space

KTU Startup Space is the first academic youth business incubator in Lithuania. Our doors are…
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Nextury Ventures

Nextury Ventures is a new Venture Capital Fund established by a prominent International Entrepreneur Ilja…
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Sunrise Valley

Sunrise Valley is a place for new science and business environment, successful cooperation of high…
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Demola/Vilnius projects are designed for students from various disciplines (engineering, business, marketing, social science, design…
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