500 Emerging Europe
Feb 10

An early stage fund, currently investing out of a €70m vehicle into Emerging Europe. Our initial ticket size ranges between €250k-€2m. We typically invest at pre-seed & seed, while selectively investing at Series A rounds as well. We are also a part of the 500 Global network, a US-based multi-stage investor.

Waiting for Startups with: Idea, prototype, MVP, initial traction
Fields of interest: Various
Benefits for Startups: We make a lot of introductions, both through our own and the 500 Global network, to downstream capital, potential customers, and mentors. We also provide access to our Founder Hub where you can connect with other 500 portfolio companies & receive perks.
Fund range per team: €250k – €2M
Investment conditions: SAFEs, equity rounds, convertible notes
Market focus: Emerging Europe, including the Baltics