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GovTech Co-create Accelerator

GovTech Lab (MITA)

The GovTech Co-create Accelerator is a structured ten-week program that helps transform GovTech ideas into prototypes and products. Our goal is to help innovative teams to create real solutions to real public sector challenges.
It’s a part of the GovTech Challenge series, which is aimed to solve specific public sector challenges. A full list of available challenges can be found here: All startups and innovative companies are invited to submit their ideas that solve one of the challenges. After the selection process, we will invite one team per challenge to the GovTech Co-create Accelerator.

Reasons to participate:
• It’s an opportunity to work on real challenges and test the solutions with a real customer – the Lithuanian government. The successful use cases will open doors to many other institutions and enable scalability globally!
• During the accelerator, participating teams will receive expert help to build solutions from idea to pilot and finally global product. And our assistance will not end with the 10 weeks of accelerator!
• Our public sector experts and data partners will ensure that the teams can unlock the intricacies of the GovTech market – from finding data to understanding public officials and procurement.
• It’s an opportunity to become part of GovTech community and scale not only the solution but also the impact. Local meetups, international conferences, and our global networks – all of them will be open for the participating teams!

Check out our challenges and submit your ideas here:
If you have any questions, contact Urte Puluike

Deadline for Applications: April 4th, 2021