Place I Live
Jun 17

It is obvious that Smart Cities cannot exist without smart citizens. And smart citizens are those who employ data to make decisions about their life. But, despite the fact that there is a lot of different data available in cities, only few people use it to validate their decisions. Reasons: 1) Data is big; 2) It takes time and effort to find it; 3) Data usually doesn’t make sense; 4) Specific knowledge is needed to understand is building the biggest and most engaging international platform for neighborhood information in all major cities. A one stop shop for any type of data (open data, social media, crowdsoursed) about any address in the world.All this data is represented by Life Quality Index – a recognized standard of neighborhood rankings, used by local municipalities, governments, among the policy makers and urbanists. Also, employed in real estate and travel businesses to help people decide where to live.Residents of Vilnius, Berlin, London, Chicago and San Francisco are already using platform of New York and more vibrant cities are coming soon!PlaceILive is coordinated by UAB “CodeIn”, established in 2012.