Evole Glass
Oct 21

Smart Windows can help produce cooling, heating and lighting requirements. By redirecting unwanted heat from sun or allowing sunlight to enter for natural warmth and light, the only time Smart Windows consume energy is when they’re being changed from one state to another. When Smart Windows are in their clear state, they’re very transparent with low haze, this maximises both natural lighting and the view. In their transuclent state, Smart Windows may offer privacy, coupled with soft diffused light.Smart Windows also provides an easy clean alternative to some dirt and bacteria trapping curtains, shades and blinds.Finally, the technology offers exceptional design possibilities including varying degree of translucent, diferent patterns and blind affects, and even the potential to incorporate fixed or moving text and images. They are many potential applications for the energy saving, day light control, easy clean and artistic design potential of Smart Window technology.Imagine the possibilities!