Public Funding

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator

EIT Urban Mobility


EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator – taking your mobility startup to the next level, whilst boosting sustainable alternatives for hardscapes as urban spaces, enhancing public realm and accessibility to improve citizens wellbeing, and/or ensuring universal mobility for everyone as a key enabler for social inclusion.

Financed activities

  • Individualized business coaching and training
  • Mentoring by industry experts and experienced founders
  • Validation of your market and technology with access to a network of living labs
  • Finding your product-market fit
  • Scaling your business, driving growth and internationalisation
  • Investor pitch coaching and potential contacts with investors and VC funds
  • Promotion of your startup at the Business Creation portfolio webpage, and through our other communication channels within EIT Urban Mobility
  • Access to EIT Urban Mobility investment initiatives and funding instruments

Calling for

Startups from EU plus EIT participating countries (incl. RIS countries) with a properly validated, clear, scalable and innovative business idea that solves a mobility-related customer problem. Eligibility criteria can be found here. 

What you will get

  • Up to 50.000 EUR of funding in exchange for a similar contribution in equity, or equivalent, to our Financial Sustainability.
  • Acceleration services to grow their businesses fostering sustainable living and to improve quality of life for the world after the pandemic

More information and application. 

Deadline for Applications: 2021-12-17