Startup of the week: Pulsetip
Dec 05

Have you heard about the team which recently was declared as a winner in the business and commerce category at the World Summit Awards? Yes, it’s Pulsetip! Let’s read our newest interview with CEO of Pulsetip – Asta Čepulytė. 

So what is Pulsetip? How does it work?

Pulsetip helps to collect anonymous employee feedback, facilitate internal communication, and run pulse surveys on a daily basis. You get digital way to gather data no matter whether employees are working near computers or not. Pulsetip vision is to make your every employee voice heard by the management. The innovative solution developed by Pulsetip, allows human resource (HR) team to quickly respond to internal needs and effectively implement right solution.

Pulsetip is a combination of both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) system enabling managers and HR departments to make data-driven decisions on soft metrics within their organization. The main purpose of Pulsetip is to help managers make informed decisions based on employee opinions while improving employee engagement, awareness, and internal communication.

We help businesses to transform from annual ineffective surveys to an Agile way of monitoring organizational development and soft metrics.

What are your competitors and competitive advantages?

Pulsetip works out of the box and does not require any integration or connection to corporate Wi-Fi. This allows simple and easy deployment out of the box. Also, Pulsetip is unique because it works with implementation of NFC technology and none of competitors have adapted this technology yet. We believe that by collaborating with HR organizations we could provide best solution for companies that is why we have HR companies as partners in different markets. There are many competitors in office-based/online solutions as well as consumer surveys but Pulsetip’s main target at the moment is for blue-collar employees, whose workspace does not provide access to the computers. This market is still not fulfilled. (Some names: we were participating in tender together with Gallup organization as well as AppCamp. Our clients were using other stand-based solutions such as “HappyOrNot” but decided to try out Pulsetip solution which is more digital and innovative).

What were the reasons behind coming up with this idea and launching this product?

The idea was born from Per Moller’s experience serving as CEO and People Partner for CEE at Ernst&Young and created together with Co-Founders Gytenis Galkis and Monika Brazdžiūtė. The idea was validated with global research provided by Josh Bersin. There has been a product developed that attracts paying customers in Italy, France, Poland, and Lithuania.

The product consist of multi-lingual cloud-based software, as well as, cross-platform mobile applications. In addition to that, unique hardware solution for employee feedback collection was developed, as well as, the questionnaire content provided to the managers.

When exactly did you launch, what were the main challenges before launching?

Company was founded in 2015 and was supported by Angel investors from the beginning.

What are your target customers? Both in terms of user profile and geography?

Our best customer profile is a very large manufacturing/industrial or retail company which prioritizes Employee Engagement and wants to improve the communication with their employees digital way in real time and which understands that Annual surveys do not serve well anymore. Currently, Pulsetip is operating in five-six European countries (Italy, Poland, France, Lithuania, Latvia, and Switzerland)

How are you funded? Do you seek extra funding?

Currently, we are in the process of getting additional investments. We are always open for communication with engaged investors who like our idea as we always need funds for development and more active scaling.

Please introduce your founders, your core team and your broader team?

Founders of the company:

Per Moller – former CEO of Ernst&Young Denmark, Managing Partner Ernst&Young Baltics, People Partner for CEE region

Gytenis Galkis – technology entrepreneur with skills in hardware and software development

Monika Brazdziute – former HR executive with 200 people under management

Current Core Team:

Mantas Mackevicius – Co-Founder and CTO / Full Stack Developer

Asta Cepulyte – CEO, HR Technology Entrepreneur, Product Owner

Daniil Timofeev – Business Development Executive for Italian Market

Tatiana Ter-Antonian – Junior Business Developer

Edvin Robert Turkot – Software Develope

How has business been so far? Could you share some numbers to illustrate this (users, sales, achievements)?

This year we managed to reach double revenue with comparison to the last year. Our clients have 10000-20000 employees and more, as well as we operate in various worldwide locations. We are planning the scale in 2019 to make better results. (some client names in Europe: Esselunga retail stores in Italy; Nexans cable manufacturing company in France, with worldwide locations; 3M client in Poland with 91 000 employees worldwide). In Lithuania we work currently with Bod Group, Littelfuse, Dussmann Service, LT Police, iLunch and some other organizations.

Future plans, ambitions? Simply speaking – what’s next?

The plan is to get great use-cases and recommendations from our current clients and continue expanding in Europe. We are looking forward to contract different companies with branches worldwide which could lead us to even bigger scale.

 Thank you for your answers!