Silicon Valley comes to… YOU!
Nov 05

Written by Diana Plačiakienė

In the previous post I shared WHAT is Silicon Valley and WHY to go there. In the perfectly timely manner this time Silicon Valley actually comes to YOU. 15 speakers (mentors, investors, successful business people) are going to cross the Atlantic to meet with you in Vilnius on November 9-10th to explore ideas, to share their success stories and to ignite local entrepreneurship.  Save $1,000 + on your airline ticket to San Francisco and join 2,000 other participants for Silicon Valley Comes to the Baltics event. It’s FREE. Register!

 SVC2Baltics was first held in Vilnius last year and had a tremendous success. It comes back this year even bigger and better. As a reminder, Silicon Valley is the home to many innovations and start-ups, which are known globally, from Apple to Facebook, Oracle to Google, HP to Cisco and many more.

WHO is coming this year? Kevin Hale, partner at Y Combinator, number one accelerator in the world. Bear Kittay, a Burning Man’s Social Alchemist, who travels the world incubating the emergence of Burning Man culture through storytelling and community building. Peter Halacsy, the CTO and founder of Prezi, a super fast growing startup changing how people share ideas.  Beth Susanne, a Silicon Valley pitch coach and communications expert who has coached hundreds of startups from whole over the world. Jonathan Baer, the Managing Director of Threshold Ventures and a mentor to early stage startups on a wide range of issues and challenges. Jon Soberg, the Managing Director at Blumberg Capital, one of the very few SV venture capital firms that invest outside US.

These are just a few speakers that will keep you engaged and excited throughout the Conference. Furthermore, the selected best startups will pitch their business ideas to keep your adrenaline running. Come and experience it live! Nothing too loose, and the gain is yours! Register!