Lithuanian Innovation Center Invites Startups To Participate In Design-Driven Open Innovation Hackathon
Nov 24

Lithuanian Innovation Center partnering with CodeAcademy organizes UX Challenge hackathon and invites startups to participate! During the hackathon young UX, design, psychology, ICT professionals will apply the Design Sprint – an inventive and design-driven method introduced by Google for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas with customers. 


How does it work? 8 companies will present their challenges of the products to the appointed team of a startup which then spend two days brainstorming possible solutions and creating mock-ups, wireframes or prototypes for the improved product. Before providing final outputs, solutions will be also tested by potential end-users. The startup will hold intellectual property rights of the solution until all solvers, testers, mentors, and other participants to the initiative will sign a confidentiality agreement. In the end, the company will decide what to do with the proposed solution, while mentors together with companies’ representatives will decide on the best team effort to win the main prize of the UX Challenge initiative for startups. 


UX Challenge is a part of the project 200SMEchallenge that aims at supporting open innovation in SMEs through European innovation agencies.

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In order to participate, the startup team must apply no later than 13 December 2020, 23:59 EET