Invitation to Seed Forum Fundraising Education and Pitch Training seminar
Sep 03

Seed Forum is a global market place for “growth companies” looking for financing and for financial investors looking for new business ideas and investment opportunities. Seed Forum’s activities include Seed Forum Fundraising Education Process and Match-Making Process with Investors. Fundraising Education Process is organized in several levels – local, national and global. The main objective of Seed Forum is to facilitate obtaining initial (“seed”) financing or next stage – venture capital for “growth companies” without any regional or national borders. Seed Forum is currently running Investor Matchmaking Forums in more than 25 countries worldwide.

The Seed Forum Process includes 4 activities: nomination of suitable companies for SF Education Process, fundraising education and pitch training, selection of companies for presentation at investor forums and matchmaking forums for companies and investors.
Companies looking for financing are invited to apply for Seed Forum Process!

The only requirement for the company is to fill in the Seed Forum Standard Business Summary in English. September 20, 2013 all nominated companies will be invited to an one-day Fundraising Education and Pitch Training seminar which includes an intensive theoretical lecturing as well as individual coaching in presentation techniques. Lectures and individual training program are conducted by Seed Forum representatives and expert professionals in English language. Theoretical lectures cover issues like:

  • What are the benefits (and risks) of private financial investing and Venture Capital fundraising?
  • How to find private financial investors and to present business project?
  • What are the private investors looking for in target companies and what are the major corporate Value drivers?
  • How to plan and build the corporate financial development strategy?
  • What the investment process consists of (the phases and documentation)?
  • What should you be aware of when meeting/negotiating with potential financial investors?
  • How to avoid selling company under-priced?

The price for one companies’ representatives participation in the SF Fundraising Education and Pitch Training Seminar is EUR 100; no more than two representatives of a company may attend. All companies&presenters participating in the Seminar will be evaluated and out-selected to present in the Seed Forum Investor Forums.  Seed Forum Vilnius will take place October 17th, 2013 in Swedbank Vilnius.

Seminar participant target group:

Innovative startups, actively looking for initial funding as well as well established conventional companies in need for extra financing are invited. Growing, export-oriented companies seeking expansion into new markets use Seed Forum International Investor forums for finding partners and entering new markets and

For more detailed information contact: Aida Balnienė, Mobile: +370 (670) 50809, m-mail: