IDEAS FROM EUROPE: National Selection
Aug 04

The European Commission has launched a competition Ideas from Europe. Creative entrepreneurs are encouraged to present their ideas that could become an example for their peers from whole Europe. In this competition, all Member States of the European Union have to select one candidate per country, who will compete at the Small and Medium Enterprises Assembly in Tallinn. The European panel will select 10 finalists to participate in the final event in the Netherlands in the Spring of 2018, where the winner will be announced.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania opens the national selection of the competition and invites creative entrepreneurs to submit their applications, presenting the innovative ideas of existing businesses that help to solve global challenges in various fields. The competition is open to businesspeople and business representatives who would deliver a short presentation (3-4 minutes) of their ideas (in English). During the presentations, candidates are expected to follow the TEDx presentation format.

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