Final Event Of “Well-Balanced Challenge By SBA”: Attracted Not Only Lithuanian Startups Interest
Nov 18

SBA Group’s “Well-balanced challenge by SBA” had its final event! For the opportunity to come into partnership with BLC for the implementation of the pilot project and the possibility to get free office competed not only 3 Lithuanian startup teams but also startups from foreign countries such as Estonia and Ghana. All participants presented their products. The ideas were different and unique. Also, the level of development of startup products’ varied significantly: from ideas to plans on how to operate or grow products.

This challenge and an invitation for startups to cooperate was the first initiative of this kind for the SBA Group. For us, this challenge was the first one which had such collaboration among business and startups. Read more about such collaboration here:

The contest was very intense, during the commission’s evaluation of which product won, the discussion was extremely lively as SBA representatives saw potential not only in one but in a few products that were presented. However, after thorough considerations, the Mindletic startup was chosen as a winner precisely because it met the Fitwel standards for health impact categories the best, and also their product was what the SBA and business center BLC do not have yet.

The winner of this challenge, Mindletic, won an office to use for three months and the possibility to come into partnership with BLC for the implementation of the pilot project!