Aciety – New Platform of Opportunities for Startups
Sep 24

Are you a startup with a brilliant code, a solution, that may bring value to the market, but you don’t know ways on how to reach and convey it to the relevant audience? We present you Aciety’s Marketplace that does just that.

Who is this new marketplace for? Lithuanian and other European startups would be ones gaining most benefits:

First, they could sell their product as long as it is >50% done. As an example, take a look at Aciety’s product, that can be adapted to other, completely unrelated markets to IT:

·        Legal service providers<>business/person,

·        Agriculture Product providers<>grocery stores,

·        Energy providers<>resellers/clients,

·        Car manufacturers/sellers<>resellers/clients,

·        Logistic service providers<>Logistic brokers/clients,

·        Entertainment suppliers<>clients,

·        Construction business<>suppliers/clients,

·        Sewing service providers<>designers/chain stores/clients,

·        Cleaning services<>businesses/people

·        Conferences, and so many more.

Which means, you may sell not only a fully complete, up-and-running system, but also your not-entirely-ready solution. The Marketplace can elevate your Startup that you have heavily invested into, by selling the license, SaaS’ing it, or selling local license. By doing so, you would gain much needed funds for your development, research, marketing and expansion budgets. These sales funds would allow further development and growth as running out of cash is in the top 3 “why Startups fail” list.

Secondly, in majority of cases clients that buy ready-made-solutions need adaptations, implementations, integrations, a side effect of which is it would lead to further advances of the product itself as well as building the community around the product and not the least – add more value to the sales with service upsell.

Third benefit, you and your Startup may use Aciety’s Tokenization model: to use blockchain to create a fundamentally new ecosystem around your business, enhance your product and get a value based fundraising channel, which is the opposite of ICO. All of it being completely legal and low-cost in Lithuania. The smart coupon model is approved by the Bank of Lithuania. This would benefit with increased client-partner awareness of your product, add funding for strategic process development, community build up for current and future projects. It is much easier to use some model that is already tested in the market then inventing one yourself from scratch, so why not follow the smart and studied lead.

Fourth, gaining Smart-Coupon TAP free depending on the value of the product pledged: when startups (and other software companies) pledge their product on Aciety Marketplace they are rewarded by 1.25% of the value of the pledge in TAP Smart-Coupon. So what is Smart-Coupon TAP exactly? Smart-Coupon a coupon that buys certain asset, and validity of which is ensured by blockchain.

When you place your product to the market, you get free TAP, with TAP you can buy other products from the marketplace, which will be free for you since you did not pay for TAP. Don’t forget, early birds gain most of the participation due to TAP purchasing power increase with every pledged product, basically – your pledge early will award you with more TAP then doing so later.

Aciety’s 7-year business adventure in outsourcing has given enough evidence to see the void in a ready-made software sales market.

“Right from the start we were getting requests to sell bespoke solutions that our partners have built and that can be adapted to one’s needs. When clients started coming in asking for those of-the-shelf solutions, we knew we had to open a market for products, just as one for services we already had.” – says CBDO Tomas Pagirys.

A marketplace based on Blockchain technology and a Smart-Coupon to increase value and participation volumes gain most of the participation due to TAP purchasing power increase with every pledged product.

Joining the Marketplace is easy, just contact any of Aciety’s team and they will guide you through the whole process.