Web designer/IT developers

UAB Likinija

We are a Venture Capital company from Norway that will build a world leading software development company, with department in N. Akmene. We offer a FREE study program for 2 weeks in computer programming in N. Akmene. The programming specialist from Germany (speaking English) will perform the training through the periode. First week of the program is 100% study, while second week is the case programming with competition.

We are looking for 20 skilled developers / designers with experience in computer science, web-design or product development.
Computer science studies is not mandatory. Age between 18-30. Talent and drive matters most. Candidates must be able to start the program from Monday 22nd of July. Studies are preliminary planned to be arranged from 5 pm until 10 pm every evening – Monday to Saturday. For candidates being available in day time, we offer extra study program from 9 am until 3 pm. Special conditions apply.

We offer the candidates that perform well the following conditions:
Full time job from day 1 after the program fixed salary + bonus. Equity possibilities in the startup. Global community, Business travels to Oslo, Norway. Work with tech startups, Free living place in N. Akmene during the program and for the full time job also possibility to work from home.
Apply before 10th of July.