JavaScript developer / Co-founder


We are:
CarCar is a marketing-driven technology company, serving consumers for more convenience and better business performances. CarCar is a unique and innovative 24/7 car service booking platform that puts customer and car service in control.
We are looking for an experienced JavaScript software engineer to join our team.

You are:
Knowledgeable in JavaScript frameworks
Experienced with React and/or React Native
Knowledgeable in JavaScript Promises, JavaScript Event Loop, and other ES6 features
Experienced in functional programming, composition, currying, etc.
A tenacious self-starter and determined problem solver
Familiar with standard enterprise application, architecture practices
Great if you are:
Experienced with Android/iOS development
Experienced in developing apps
Experienced with Open Source projects or Stack Overflow
Experienced with TDD, Automated Testing and Continuous Integration.

Share of the company equity.

Contacts to apply: or phone number 860106494

Deadline for Applications: 2020/02/28