CTO/Co-founder for an image recognition app (a Shazam for things)

ArtApp | Vilnius
An app for collectors that will help identify, valuate and sell collectibles on the go

Looking for a CTO/Co-founder for an image recognition app working with extensive image databases. Experience in working with high-load databases and/or image analysis will be very welcomed. The first part of the project (late 2017/early 2018) will include drafting MVP around a defined database of 2-dimensional objects (something like collectible coins or stamps, a ) using a 3rd party API. That will be a CTO’s main responsibility.A top-edge technology project that is launching first in the niche (a little to none technological art & antiques market is $60 bln yearly and we aim for a huge share of the market with establishing partnerships with all the major market players within 2 years) is a great opportunity to grow with the project very quickly! Possibility to lead a group of developers as the seed investment will be raised. This will a great opportunity for someone experienced, working in a company and thinking about starting his own project and investing some time and skills in a new project.While the startup is self-funded, it is on the tight budget. So our plan is to find a CTO who will be willing to draft the MVP in exchange for the the share of the company.We are looking for a young Russian-speaking or English speaking person. Located in Lithuania, Latvia or Poland. Vilnius is the best option. As the app will be designed for collectors, it’ll be great if CTO will be interested in collecting or art. The startup will be having a membership in the Tech Park at Antakalnio g. 17 with a workplace, quality Internet, full access to local amenities and happenings (really – it’s the best place to work on IT projects in Vilnius)!