Palanga WellTech Bootcamp
Aug 21 - Aug 24

@ROCKIT & @3o: Out Of Office invite you to the “Palanga WellTech Bootcamp” to innovate for longevity!
We are looking for early-stage startups or solo entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions in the #Welltech sector. Your solution could address any of the following areas:
Active Lifestyle and Physical Wellbeing
Nutrition and Longevity
Emotional and Mental Health
Workplace Wellbeing
IoT Solutions for Sports & Health sector

🔑 Why is it worth participating?
Immerse Yourself in Innovation: Join event dedicated to promoting WellTech, aimed at generating solutions for health and emotional well-being.
Nature-Inspired Creativity: Spend 4 days in Palanga’s beautiful natural surroundings while advancing your solution. (Includes 2 nights of accommodation for your team.)
Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from expert speakers on longevity, welltech and business development topics.
Relaxed Productivity: Innovate and participate in sessions within the relaxing Out Of Office co-working space.

Seats are limited. Apply now!
Date of the bootcamp: August 21-24, 2024
If you have any questions contact /