BHV sessions#3 – Unit economics for startups
Apr 19, 18:00, 21:00

During our 1-to1 mentorship sessions, I always offer startup founders to talk discuss their unit economics. And every single startup says that these numbers are driving founders mad. Let’s deal with it!

What is the workshop about:
– how to build a startup business model
– how to define a unit in your startup
– how to calculate a user acquisition cost (and why it’s not so simple)
– what would be most important indicators/metrics, and why
– how to build a data-driven go-to-market strategy
– how to make financial projections for several years

It’s a workshop, so we are going to work on specific cases. You can send me the cases of your startup in advance to and we will discuss them, as well.
Registration is required, we can only host 30 startups at once. Register at