Feb 13

– We are in the middle of an artificial intelligence revolution. 15 Billion dollars is the expected virtual assistant market size by 2021.
– On iOS we have Siri. Android has Google assistant, Cortana, ..etc. Some handset manufacturers have their own assistant applications like Samsung and HTC. Unfortunately nearly all these apps are provided mainly in English and don’t support Arabic and has limited features.
– On the other hands 65% of Egyptians and 70% of Arabs can’t speak English.

That’s why we came up with RafiQ. RafiQ is an application that allows your phone to understand Arabic voice commands in a user’s local dialect.
RafiQ can do two type of things:
1- Phone control like phone calls, setting alarms, send SMSs, …etc.
2- Services like Book a taxi, order food, book flight ticket, doctor reservation, …etc.