MITA – InnoStart
Mar 01

InnoStart is a measure for new and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, who are willing to get a donation for ideas and product development or recruitment of researchers. 

InnoStart implements MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology ). The objective of funding: to encourage the creation and development of new and innovative SME entities, ensuring the development of innovative ideas, products and services, and promoting the independence of enterprises in the implementation of R&D works within the company. Call for proposals funding is continuous, i.e. applications are accepted until 2020 September 30. 


Who can apply: an innovative SME’s business entity operating for up to a year/an innovative SME’s business entity operating from 12 months to 36 months.
Benefits for companies: recruitment of researchers or scientists in knowledge-intensive SME’s and the development of SME’s products for their commercial exploitation and promotion of new innovative SME’s creation and development.

Maximum amount: 52 173 Eur. 

Financing conditions: grant.