MITA – InnoVouchers
Jul 01

“InnoVouchers” is one of MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology) measures for innovative legal entities (except for science and study institutions), whereby they can receive a fixed amount of targeted financial support for services from science and study institutions to acquire or operate under the Horizon 2020 measure “SME instrument” Stage 1.

Objective of funding: the main objective is to encourage business and science to establish initial contacts, to continue research and (or) experimental development (hereinafter referred to as R&D) activities, to encourage enterprises to engage in more innovative activities and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by business and science cooperation.

Funded activities:

  1. Provision of “InnoVouchers” for a planned or ongoing work in technical possibility studies for R&D.
  2. Provision of “InnoVouchers” for projects with a European Commission label (“Seal of Excellence”) under the Horizon 2020 program “SME Instrument” but who has not received a “SME instrument” for Stage 1 activities (assessment of technical and commercial opportunities).
  3. Provision of “InnoVouchers” for R&D projects.

Applicants: Legal entities (excluding science and study institutions).

Project selection method: Continuous selection of projects.

Maximum available funding amount for the project: depends on innovator stage and technical feasibility.