INVEGA – Guarantees for Loans and Leasing
Jul 18

Guarantee the repayment of losses arising from the investments. 

INVEGA is a financial entity incorporated by the State. The main objectives of the operations of the entity are as follows: provision of financial services and implementation and administration of financial and other support measures for SMEs. Businesses, applying to a credit institution for a business loan, may often encounter a problem of unattractive or insufficient security deposit. INVEGA may guarantee the repayment of losses arising from the investments made by financial institution in SMEs for loans and leasing transactions as well as financial credits granted for large companies. To secure repayment of a loan guaranteed by INVEGA, a borrower must mortgage tangible fixed assets of the enterprise purchased, constructed, repaired or reconstructed for loan funds. 

Who can apply: SME, large companies. 

Benefits for companies: repayment of losses, access to the funding sources, offer solutions to unattractive conditions.    

Maximum amount: if a business entity is operating for less than 3 years – 579 240 Eur., if a business entity operating for 3 year