INVEGA – Guarantees for Loans and Leasing
Jul 18

Businesses, applying to a credit institution for a business loan, may often encounter a problem of unattractive or insuffiecient security deposit. INVEGA may guarantee the repayment of losses arising from the investments made by financial institution in SMEs for loans and leasing transactions as well as financial credits granted for large companies up to 80 percent by offering individual and portfolio guarantees:

Individual guarantees – provided by INVEGA with an intensity of 30-80 percent, or 90 in case of export, offer solutions to unattractive or insufficient conditions and facilitate the access to the funding sources.

Portfolio guarantees – secures the repayment of 80% of the principal amount of loan, leasing or factoring to a financial institution. With Portfolio guarantees financial institutions require a smaller down payment and apply a lower interest rate as compared to market conditions.

In order to use these financial instruments and obtain a guarantee, interested party should apply to a bank or any other credit institution (e.g., a credit union) and negotiate on its loan/leasing conditions (amount of principal, currency, maturity, repayment schedule, interest rate, etc.). Onwards, the credit institution will assess the adequacy of security deposit provided and decide whether to grant the interested party. If the security deposit is insufficient, the credit institution can:

1. apply with INVEGA for issuing a guarantee and submit required documents;
2. include the credit in the portfolio of the credit institution.

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