INVEGA – Soft Loans
Jul 18

INVEGA manages soft loan financial instruments financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) and resources returned allowing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to start or expand of their activities.  Different types of loans provided by financial institutions are offered under different conditions. The best option to enhance SME’s access to finance is chosen according to the amount of the financial support needed and payment provisions.

Entrepreneurship Promotion Fund 2014—2020 (EPF2)
Offers soft loans for start-ups of up to EUR 25,000. A loan guarantee may be requested from  INVEGA.

Open credit fund 2 (OCF2)
Offers soft loans for SMEs of up to EUR 600,000. A loan guarantee may be requested from  INVEGA. In addition, you can use the measure Partial financing of interest and get a compensation of 50-95 percent of the interest actually paid up to 36 months.

Risk-shared loans financed by the European Regional Development Fund (RSL)
Offers loans for SMEs of up to EUR 4 million. The RSL measure is based on the principle of lending with the proportion of 45:55, under which the RSL Measure Manager contributes by 55 percent of its own funds to 45 % of the RSL loan/credit line share.