INVEGA – Crowd funding loans Avietė
Aug 19

INVEGA Avietė loans are granted through crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding platform operators, which have signed cooperation agreement for the implementation of Avietė loans, will select those business projects which will be co-funded under the measure Avietė. Further information about the conditions and opportunities under the measure Avietė is available at crowdfunding platform FinBee.

What are the benefits? Crowdfunding loans Avietė (hereinafter referred to as “Avietė loans”) enable small and medium-sized enterprises to borrow through crowdfunding platforms.

What companies are eligible? Small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Lithuania.

What is the maximum amount? The total amount earmarked for the financing of Avietė loans is EUR 4,615 million of the funds repaid and/or to be repaid to the INVEGA fund. The maximum amount per loan is EUR 10,000 and funding can be provided up to 40 percent of the total loan amount. A loan may be granted for a period not exceeding 36 months and it is intended to finance both investments and circulating capital, except for the refinancing of financial obligations, financial activities and residential real estate.